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Patient-Centric Care!

You are obsessed to deliver the best patient care.  We are passionate about empowering you through our Digital Health platform – powered by Buzz®   streamlining the process for your team – better communication, simplified administrative processes, super automated document workflows and all the benefits that result from continuous collaboration.  Together we orchestrate new modes of care possible, leading to better outcomes from patient bedsides to boardrooms.

Buzz was designed as a universal communication platform to break the artificial walls and administrative silos between the care providers.  We believe this is the only way to sustain high quality across the care continuum.

So go ahead and start using Buzz – for FREE.  We can’t wait to see how you leverage such a powerful platform for effective care communication and coordination!

Why is Buzz Free?

Many care providers and agencies are already burdened with the spiraling costs, it will be a huge consideration to spend additional dollars for the staff without any tangible benefits.  We decided to relieve you of that decision.  If you are a healthcare provider, you can start using the Buzz platform for free now!

You can start free, stay free, and continue to enjoy the power of Buzz as long as you continue to have a need to communicate securely.

Used Qliqsoft for Many Years ...

Buzz is feature filled and blows the other HIPAA compliant messaging options out of the water. We had used Qliqsoft for many years prior to our switch and it doesn’t even come close. The development team and support team are incredibly helpful and always open to pushing improvements and discussing suggestions. We look forward to a long lasting partnership with Buzz.

What a lifesaver!

Having been on a platform that we loved for a long time before they abruptly shut down their app, we were very nervous that we weren’t going to find a new platform that would meet our needs. After trying multiple different apps and having them all fall very short, we came across Buzz. What a lifesaver! Is the app perfect? No, but anyone who tells you theirs is perfect is lying!

Is it close to perfect? Absolutely!

The app is easy to use, innovative and clinically driven. The support team actually takes feedback very seriously and is very quick to address any concerns and eager to tackle suggestions for new features or improvements! The addition of the Buzz phone feature, which allows my clinicians to call patients from their own device while showing the patients the agencies phone number rather than the clinicians, has helped provide that vital personal boundary and privacy for our team and enhanced communication! The most recent addition of Buzz Video Calls has been incredible! When COVID started to hit, the developers at Buzz we’re right on it and were able to provide this service we required for providing vital telehealth visits at the most vital time and they rolled it out with such ease! It is so easy to use and works very well. The best part is the patient has no app or other third party download they have to use. A simple click on a text message or email takes then right to the video call. All I can say to this amazing group of people at a Skyscape is Thank You and keep up the amazing work!

Therapy Team Love

This app has been great for our therapy team consisting of 20 therapists in a skilled nursing facility. We have been through 3 other HIPAA compliant apps and Buzz has by far been the most efficient. It has some awesome features that other apps don’t have including: creating multiple groups for different conversations/categories, favorite messages, saved messages, and a search box! I am beyond thankful to finally find an app that works for our team!

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Whether you are on a mobile platform (iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablets) or desktop, we got you covered!

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