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Donato Tramuto Interview

We are fortunate to have Mr. Donato Tramuto on our Board; he’s a successful leader in the healthcare and business sector and a well-recognized philanthropist. Mr. Tramuto has chronicled his perspectives in his latest book, The Double Bottom Line: How Compassionate...

A New Dawn: Addressing the End of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and the Implications for Home Health Agencies

If you’re like me, during the pandemic, every phone notification alert was jolting - inducing the feeling of flashing blue lights appearing in the rearview. I dreaded each ping because it was a stark reminder of the uneasiness the invisible virus created or worse, it...

Skyscape® Launches AI Capabilities for its Care Provider Collaboration and Patient Communication Digital Platform

Buzz® Lightning Plus Makes its Debut with ChatGPT Integration MARLBOROUGH, MA (April 13, 2023) – Skyscape®, the leader in trusted medical information and collaboration software, announces the debut of Lightning™ Plus. Lightning Plus delivers the vision of...

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