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Gmail’s Confidential Mode – Nothing to Write Home About

TL:DR Email is still a universal medium, and everyone uses it. While emails are easy to use but secure, they are NOT. You have to choose between security or ease, but not both! Enter Google with its Gmail. People got excited about this so-called Confidential Mode, and...

A Serendipitous Blast from the Past

Earlier today, a colleague informed me that one of our Skyscape team members (who is now happily retired) was celebrating his 70th birthday! I suddenly remembered that he had his 50th birthday in one of our older offices in Hudson! I also had an epiphany that many...

A Case of Nurse’s breach of Patient Confidentiality

Most of the healthcare professionals are conscious about HIPAA, and of course conscientious about patients’ rights to complete confidentiality. And the healthcare industry has adopted the best practice of annual HIPAA training processes to cover the new workforce...

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