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A 25-Year-Old Lesson from Apple’s iMac

TL;DR Apple's iMac, introduced 25 years ago, featured a unique handle not for portability but to foster connection and approachability with technology. In today's post-pandemic landscape, with the challenges of staff shortages and a digital-first world, businesses...

A Flavor of Passion and Dedication: The Unstartable Car, the ‘Unstable’ Customer, and a Sweet Outcome

TL;DR This intriguing case study delves into a seemingly bizarre issue involving a new car, a nightly ice cream run, and an unexpected conundrum. Presented with a customer's claim that his car refuses to start only after purchasing vanilla ice cream, General Motors...

Deep Dive for Enhanced Collaboration with Buzz

Now is the ideal time for organizations to consider the efficiency of their daily communication. In an industry that is constantly shifting as it adapts to health crises and technological advancements, it can be to your benefit to explore anything and everything to...

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