HIPAA Secure Communication Features

Power-Up your Team & Workflow

Buzz offers a multitude of HIPAA secure communication features allowing your team and patients the best experience possible.

HIPAA communication & collaboration with a suite of powerful features enabling your team to focus on their patients and not worry about technology or the lack there of.

Features trusted by organizations and teams of all sizes!

Millions of HIPAA secure and reliable communications sent by our users and their teams. Improving their daily communication and collaboration.


Phone Calls

Clinical Knowledge

Edit/Sign Documents


Real-Time Messaging

Efficient 1:1 and Team Communication

Secure organized text/chat messages 1:1, groups or teams – using end-to-end HIPAA-secure encryption: share images, videos, dictations, and more.

Message Templates

Common Responses in an Instant

Quickly respond to daily questions and approvals with custom canned messages. Whether you are letting your team know your arrival time, or you have finished meeting with a patient. You can create common templates for instant responses.

Bulk Messaging

One Message to All Concerned Parties

Ability to send messages to groups of people within Buzz or external users. Use for business announcements or emergency advisories. 

Broadcast Groups

Share Information without Clutter

Create a group for information dissemination. Broadcast daily news/update messages to members. 

Clinical Knowledge

Skyscape Medical Library

Skyscape Lightning – AI-based access to trusted medical/nursing resources. Dependable answers within your workflow.

Edit/Sign Documents

Document Editor and E-Signatures

Collaborate within vital documents,  exchange insurance forms, reports, electronic consents with team members, admins, referral organizations, or even patients & family members.


Improved Teamwork & Collaboration

Create groups/teams that mimic your normal workflow, allowing information, medical reports, images, insurance forms to be shared seamlessly.

Phone Calls

Personal Phone Number & CallerID

Get your own personal Buzz phone number and set your caller ID, send or receive calls from anyone – landline or mobile with no worries about sharing your personal mobile number.

AI Integration

Streamline Your Workflow with AI

Skyscape Lightning™ – use integrated AI to create appeal letters, outline care plans, summarize notes and more … send via Buzz or even Fax instantly, or Save for future use.

Organizational Security

Manage Access and Team Members

Administrative audit controls in compliance with HIPAA policies. Ease of onboarding organization in bulk. Manage team members/groups and access to conversations.


Video Calling

Connect with multiple parties or single users with encrypted video conferencing. Send invites via text or email.

EHR Integration

Keep all Information Up-to-Date within your EHR

Seamless integration with a conversational interface connected with the EHR your organization uses.

EVV (Electronic Visit Verification)

Verify Location & Tasks

Built in electronic visit verification with caregiver geolocation tracking to verify actual client visits, ensure compliance, invoicing accuracy and legal requirements.

Location & Geofencing

Find Local Assets for Patients

Explore nearby areas to assit clients with pharmacy location or other supportive service.

HIPAA Compliance

Secure Communication & Collaboration

Zero knowledge and end-to-end encryption for HIPAA compliant messaging and collaboration.

BAA (Business Associate Agreement) supported.

Continuous Case Management

Support Additional Team Members

Flexible groups allow team members (providers, field staff) to manage real-time patient centric communication with the ability to add members with access to historical messages to manage efficient care.


Q&A for Quick Team Decisions 

Create a poll on the fly to coordinate care, coverage and more.

Scheduling | Calendar Managment

Manage and Track Your Scheduale 

Administrative audit controls in compliance with HIPAA policies. Manage team members/groups and access to conversations.


E-Fax Within your Workflow

Send or receive a Fax within workflow. Securely share PHI or orders from inbound fax to appropriate case management group, no printing required.


Communication without the Hassle

Patient and/or Family interaction without downloading additional software or licensing.


Build Your Own Experience

Alias, wallpapers, fonts, font size, color schemes


White-Glove Service

Extensive in-context help.  Multidisciplinary team access via Buzz concierge level support 24×7. We’re here for you!