Skyscape Buzz Talks: Practical Tips for AI in Healthcare

We were thrilled to have so many of you attend our recent Buzz talk. If you would like to review the presentation again or explore some more options with Buzz and AI integration, you can learn more below.

Questions & Answers

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Below is some valuable insight into a few of the most pressing thoughts for those interested in getting into AI within healthcare.

Are there any benefits of using ChatGPT through Buzz?

  • Using through Buzz provides an integrated approach and is more efficient.
  • It adds a level of privacy and security as your personal profile is not sent to ChatGPT.
  • There may be limtations of use which are overcome by using it through Buzz.

Can I trust ChatGPT to provide correct medical diagnosis?

For medical diagnosis, you may use it to confirm your thoughts, but medical experts should make decisions based on their training and expertise. ChatGPT can be used effectively to automate administrative tasks such as creating insurance referral notes, getting started on a discharge note for a patient, etc…

Do you see AI in Healthcare/Home Health eliminating jobs?

Not really – technology always has helped to create jobs historically – by making tasks more efficient, a home health agency can see more patients and eventually grow faster and employ more nurses and healthcare professionals.

Sandeep Shah

Founder/CEO, Skyscape

Pioneering technology entrepreneur, educator, and innovator, combining vision with strong technical expertise to transform healthcare delivery. 

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