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“This app has been great for our therapy team consisting of 20 therapists in a skilled nursing facility. We have been through 3 other HIPAA compliant apps and Buzz has by far been the most efficient. It has some awesome features that other apps don’t have including: creating multiple groups for different conversations/categories, favorite messages, saved messages, and a search box! I am beyond thankful to finally find an app that works for our team!”

“Buzz is feature filled and blows the other HIPAA compliant messaging options out of the water. We had used Qliqsoft for many years prior to our switch and it doesn’t even come close. The development team and support team are incredibly helpful and always open to pushing improvements and discussing suggestions. We look forward to a long lasting partnership with Buzz.”

Dozens of Features

The power of Buzz is in its features.

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Secure Messaging

Send text messages using end-to-end HIPAA-secure encryption. Share images, videos, dictations and more.


Record dictations to be sent to an individual or a group. Send messages immediately or at the specified time for convenience.

Unique Phone

Get your own personal Buzz phone number. Send or receive calls from anyone – landline or mobile.


Edit and sign documents on the fly within your workflow. Easily return requested documents without leaving the platform.


Create groups/teams that mimic your normal workflow allowing for information to be shared seamlessly/efficiently.

Customer Support

Our support team is ready to help you and your team utilize this communication platform to the fullest.

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