Buzz® from Skyscape®

is the ultimate all in one HIPAA-compliant texting and clinical collaboration telehealth platform for healthcare stakeholders, administrators, and providers.

Buzz streamlines patient care and coordination, delivers cost savings, enhances staff satisfaction, and has been shown in case studies to bolster Medicare Star Ratings.

Buzz offers the simplicity of instant messaging to harness the familiarity of the everyday texting (SMS or iMessage) to get HIPAA compliant texting combined with powerful features like document sharing, e-signatures, tele-health and AI integration with Skyscape’s trusted clinical library for effective collaboration. The result is a fully customizable, HIPAA-secure platform that makes care coordination and patient communication effortless and secure. Healthcare providers can use Buzz on mobile devices or web browsers interchangeably.

Proof Points – Enhanced Patient Satisfaction & Business Outcomes

Buzz streamlines administrative tasks, allowing for greater patient volume without increased administrative strain. Patient onboarding becomes seamless, involving simple steps like creating group texts for efficient communication across multiple providers. A testament to Buzz’s impact? One home healthcare provider expanded their patient base by 33%, with only a 10% staffing increase in one year.

In multiple case studies, the healthcare agency increased the Medicare CMS Star rating – in one case from 2.5 to 5! These ratings reflect heavily on quality of care and patient satisfaction. Buzz enhances both with open lines of communication and real-time case management. With features like BuzzLink, care teams can connect with their patients via secure messages or video or phone calls securely backed by Buzz servers.

Streamlined Paperwork for Staff

Buzz incorporates the document workflow, including the annotation and digital signatures, to enable working with Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office documents without leaving the platform. Powerful Group management, referral management, and the real-time coordination of staff members reduce hassles and improve the organization’s efficiency. Innovative integration of telephony, video calls, bulk messaging, fax, and email routing to groups and patient communication makes the platform appealing to all staff within an organization.

Integrated Communication Channels

In addition to providing intuitive 1:1 and Group channels of communication to share messages, reports, documents, X-rays, audio, videos, and more, Buzz is unique in aggregating all traditional forms of communication like fax, telephony with virtual bi-directional phone and caller ID capability, live video for telehealth, emails, and SMS to offer a unique all-in-one platform. All the information is readily available on the Buzz Platform for instant access.

Perfect EHR Companion

Unique to Buzz is its effective bi-directional integration with EHR software such as PointClickCare®. It presents information about patients in a conversational style, making access to vital patient data—medications, progress notes, allergies, immunizations, directives, etc.—a one-touch process. Conversations between providers and families can be seamlessly integrated as notes in the patient record.

Buzz doesn’t just make healthcare more efficient; it redefines it. With Buzz, your organization can manage additional patients cost-effectively while improving communication among staff and customers. For more information or to access this transformative software for free, visit Explore the future of healthcare with Buzz.