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Add/Remove People from Your Organization

Administrators and Managers of an organization can Add/Remove people from the Organization.

When a person leaves an organization, they are also removed from any Groups, they are a part of, that are Linked to the Organization.

The moment they leave the Organization, they no longer can see the Group messages linked to the Organization.

Once a new member Accepts an Org Invite they will be added to the Organization.

Admins can grant members of the Organization Manager Level Privileges.

Managers can Add/Remove members from Organizations and also Add/Remove Groups to and from the Organization.

There can be multiple Managers in an Organization.

There can be only one Admin per an Organization.

  1. Tap the ☰ Burger Menu > Organizations.
  2. Choose an organization to view the Organizational Details.
  3. Tap 👤+ Add More Users.
  4. When the new member is added to the Organization, they will receive an Organization Invite.
  5. Once they Accept the invite they will be added.
  6. ⬅️ Swipe Left on a Group Member to:
  7. Remove a user from the group.
  8. Give a user Manager level privileges.
  9. Hand off the Admin privileges to another.
  1. From the Buzz Home screen Dashboard ☰:
  2. Click 🏢 Organizations.
  3. Choose an Organization to view the Organization Details.
  4. Click a user to:
  5. See Organizational role
  6. Remove them from the Org.
  7. Give them Manager Level Privileges.
  8. Hand off the Admin privileges to another.
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