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Buzz Events Calendar

All Event Reminders are automatically saved in your Events Calendar. The Buzz Calendar links up to your BuzzSchedule™. Your BuzzSchedule™ enables a convenient view of calendar of events for a user and providing visibility of such events to the authorized users.

From the Buzz Home screen choose Chats
Tap the 🗓️ Calendar icon under the 🔍Filter to search.

While viewing the Events Calendar tap on Events at a Glance to open your Buzz Calendar.
Tap 🗓️ Buzz Calendar at the top of the screen to:
Show your Daily Schedule, Weekly Schedule, Monthly Schedule or an event listing.

From the Home screen choose Chats and tap on the Calendar icon under the Filter search.

How to Create and Send a Calendar Event reminders 
While viewing the Events Calendar tap on the Create New Event icon.
Open a chat.
Tap the 📎 Paper icon.
Tap on Calendar+
Calendar events will be added to your BuzzSchedule™ automatically.
You can also sync the event to your devices calendar app.

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