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Change the Alert Styles

Setting up notifications will alert you when you have received a new secure communication from Buzz. Change the alert styles from app.

1. From your mobile device open your DEVICE SETTINGS > scroll down until your reach BUZZ

Here are some alert styles that you can choose:

– Allow Notifications: Turn on to get notifications from the app you selected.

– Sounds: Have an app play a sound to alert you when you receive a notification.

– Show on Lock Screen: Turn on to see notifications from the app on your lock screen.

– Show in History: See previous notifications from the app you select.

– Banners: Choose how you want notifications to appear when your device is unlocked. Tap ‘Temporary’ to have alerts appear on the screen and then go away. Or tap ‘Persistent’ to have alerts stay on the screen until you act on it.

– Show Previews: Choose what you want to see when you get a notification, like a text message.

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