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Emoji Reactions

You can react to messages in your 1:1 and Group Chats with 😊 Emoji Reactions.
Emoji Reactions allow you to react to a message using emojis.
Customize and create your own custom emojis to send.
You can view all reactions to a message by clicking the reactions emoji next to the message in WeBuzz.
On the Buzz mobile app just TOUCH & HOLD on the message and choose Reaction.
Note: You can only add one reaction per message.

  • Touch & Hold on the message
  • Choose Reaction
  • Tap the 😘 New Reaction icon to create new
  • Click the ☰ Burger Menu
  • Click Manage Profile icon (top right corner)
  • Scroll down to ADVANCED OPTIONS
  • Click Button MANAGE in option CUSTOMIZE REACTIONS LIST to add or edit
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