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Frequently Asked Questions – Buzz Features

Buzz Features

What features are there in Buzz?

Buzz is feature rich. At a high level it includes functionality for Messaging and Sharing, a free Buzz Phone with the ability to create multiple Caller IDs, ability to create Groups that you frequently interact with, and Dictation. Each of these high level features have a lot of functionalities making Buzz your go to app for all HIPAA-secure communications.

Buzz is a free app with an express intent to have a universal communication without the artificial walls or boundaries. Even though Buzz is a free App, you can actively decide to support our efforts with specifically upgraded features available via in-app purchases. To use such features, you will have a few options within the app settings.

What is 'Buzz Circle'?

Buzz Circle allows you to create a secure and trusted network of healthcare professionals and staff who are part of your daily workflow. You can organize your Buzz circle contacts in Groups with whom you can exchange information securely and easily.

What can Buzz Phone do for me?

With Buzz Phone you will get a unique phone number. You can use this number to make and receive call. You can either use that number as your Caller ID (thus, keeping your mobile number private), or create other Caller IDs (like your Clinic or Hospital number).

Why should I use BuzzChat vs regular texting?

Buzz Chat is very powerful. It, of course, allows you to chat with another individual or a group. However, in addition to that you can share images (like a picture of a rash), take pictures, send videos, share files (such as a diagnostic image). Buzz Chat allows you to post messages to a group or reply to an individual post, thus, maintaining a ‘thread’ of that conversation. It also allows you to tag messages (e.g. tag a message as ‘lab report’)or mark as favorite. Buzz Chat has been designed to cater to a healthcare professional’s workflow!

How do you handle my personal dictations, dictations, calls & chats?

Skyscape or Buzz does not read anything you send or receive. That’s between you and your messenger & communication service. Our only interest is to successfully deliver your messages. The messages are encrypted, so along the way, no one can snoop or intercept the messages and jeopardize the privacy of your conversations – that’s a huge win for the privacy and security!

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use Buzz?

Buzz will work whether you’re connect to the Internet or using your carrier’s service.

What are conversation categories?

You can organize your conversations based on categories (or you can think of tags or labels to associate with your circle users and groups). Once you associate any conversation with categories, you can group your conversations by filters with these categories.

What are quick messages?

Quick Messages are templated messages. Quick Messages will be added to the default list of available messages for your organization and will be available to all users in the organization.

What is Buzz Poll?

The Buzz Polling features allows you to send out surveys and polls within a chat or group, or organization.

Buzz Polls can have multiple choice or single answers.

You can customize your poll choices and keep the polling anonymous.

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