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About Buzz

What is Buzz and Why is it Free?

Buzz is a HIPAA-secure platform that simplifies real-time on-the-go communications between healthcare providers. It supports commonly used communication modalities between healthcare professionals including texts, dictation, private calls, audio, images, reports and video sharing.

Buzz is a free app with an express intent to have a universal communication without the artificial walls or boundaries. Even though Buzz is a free App, you can actively decide to support our efforts with specifically upgraded features available via in-app purchases. To use such features, you will have a few options within the app settings.

Who should use Buzz?

Buzz is ideal for any group or team within the medical practices and healthcare setting who need to communicate with each other securely and confidently, for their daily workflow communication and documentation needs, including the patient related or other administrative exchanges.

What are the benefits of using Buzz?

With Buzz you can expect to dramatically increase your productivity as all modes of communication will be at the tip of your finger in one single unified app. Since it is HIPAA-secure, you can stay compliant 100% of the time. Communicating with your colleagues has never been easier!

Why did you develop Buzz?

Being part of different medical practice environments (clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, nursing home, and more) often requires you to use different software platforms. You end up with lots of different apps and browser windows trying to stay on top of your messages and chats. Thankfully the pagers are disappearing but it is always difficult to open the right application and find the information that was communicated to you or vice versa. Driven by that we built Buzz, a one-step solution to the problem. It is not only unified in the way it allows you to communicate, it is also versatile, extensible and single environment that will make it your go-to solution for any communication. And, by the way, did we mention that it is private and keeps you HIPAA-secure!

What does Buzz being HIPAA Secure mean?

All information sent over Buzz is encrypted using both Public and a Private key. That means only the sender and receiver can read the information.

Does Buzz share my information? How safe is my information?

Skyscape will not share your information with any third party.

Why is Buzz called Buzz?

Buzz, BUZZ, buzz, BuZZ… Easy to say, easy to pronounce and full of liveliness. Buzz is that feeling you get from a strong cup of coffee in the morning, a stroll on the beach or a hike on a beautiful mountain – that feeling that tells you that all is right with the world, and that you are ready to go out and take a bite out of it… Yes, so what if you are in the frenzy of saving lives, stressed to comply with the regulations, or connecting with the patients on the bedside – we want to capture that Buzz moment when you can as a pleasant distraction from the reality around you. Just say “I’ll buzz you” or “buzz me”!

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