What Users Are Saying About Our HIPAA Messaging APP 


Browse through the Buzz Testimonials. Users love the transformation Buzz® has brought to their day-to-day operations. With secure messaging and quick sharing of patient information, healthcare teams can now collaborate seamlessly and avoid rehospitalizations. Buzz’s reliability and fluidity between web and mobile app interfaces have improved communication, ensuring that clinicians never miss important messages. We’ve seen incredible results, with rehospitalization rates cut in half and patients receiving more timely and effective care. Don’t let outdated communication platforms hold you back. Join the Buzz revolution today and experience the power of enhanced care coordination. 

Hipaa compliant messaging app for healthcare providers

Everyone should be using something like this. It really has changed how we operate on a day-to-day basis.

We had a list of around 10 to 12 requirements, and nothing out there came close. Other vendors made a lot of promises but didn’t deliver. Buzz checked off just about every requirement. 

“We have avoided countless rehospitalizations due to secure messaging and the ability to quickly share patient information with community partners.  Thus, the hand-off of our patients is swift and safe.

I cannot remember how I delivered the information to providers and contacts before Buzz, and I don’t want to.

We’ve been able to more than cut our rehospitalization rate in half.

Our patients ultimately receive more timely and effective care.

We had a clear vision of streamlining the complex needs of our operation with a communication platform. Unfortunately, we experienced malfunctions and crashes with our previous platform QLIQ, resulting in entire message threads going undelivered or even random removals of clinicians from a group message.

The reliability and fluidity between Buzz’s web and mobile app interfaces have improved our ability to care for our patients. With Buzz, I am not concerned about problems with our main form of communication.

We went from 2.5 stars up to 5 stars very quickly. And I attribute much of that to the communication platform.

I want to emphasize to other home health agencies out there: HIPAA enforcement is coming to the post-acute world.

There will be major rewards for those who are able to thrive under the new emphasis on certain performance measures.

Skyscape’s mission is to empower healthcare teams to enhance care coordination. Our team thrives on challenges posed by our clients and prioritizes the delivery of new, useful features because, ultimately, that’s the measure of our success.

Buzz has reduced the total number of calls that need to be placed, all while giving us thorough documentation of our clinical staff’s collaboration regarding patient care.

Buzz has been a very stable and easy communication tool for both our internal and field staff.

Buzz has sped up our process for getting labs and tests, and our process for scheduling clinical services such as OTs and Home Health Aides.

Applications must adapt to clinical environments, not the other way around.

The ease & efficiency of communication supported by Buzz allows staff to work together in new ways, allowing the potential issues to be flagged & treated quickly, before they develop into problems that require hospitalization.

There’s a huge advantage to linking a group of smart people together when trying to solve problems. Better communication facilitates this process on an ongoing basis.

Buzz has not only contributed to successful outcomes for our patients, but also our company. We have recently won quality awards and had increases in our Medicare star ratings and HCAHPS scores.

Applications must adapt to clinical environments, not the other way around.

A strong, in-house programing team allows for fast product changes to meet care providers’ needs.

Our patient volume grew by 33%, with minimal staff added to our roster!

Skyscape’s capabilities were far beyond those of our prior tech partner. They’ve been so great at developing the new features that streamlined our workflow.

Buzz is our primary way of communicating. In an industry that is based on remote care, it has replaced frequent and time-consuming phone calls.

Skyscape’s founder & CEO is hands-on with technology, and also pays keen attention to our needs. This says a lot about the company.

Having the ability to integrate technology into our program really makes our students stand out.

We were able to replace as much as 50% of underutilized class time by shifting many of the traditional classroom activities to be handled by the SkillsHub platform. Thanks to its streamlined content, videos and quizzes, the students were prepared prior to appearing in class – virtually flipping our use of the classroom.


Aug 9, 2022