Using AI Technologies like ChatGPT & Bard to Solve Medical Problems and Aid in the Delivery of Home Health and Hospice Care

We recently announced the release of Buzz Lightning Plus. Lightning Plus delivers the vision of integrating AI within the daily workflow of healthcare providers to improve efficiencies and streamline patient care overheads.

As a Skyscape User, we are inviting you to view our recent Tech Talk about this new integration and to get started test-driving Lightning Plus.

“With the addition of Lightning Plus, we are enthused by the seamless integration that Skyscape has launched. We can serve our patients significantly without overloading our staff members with this capability.”

Dr. Cleamon Moorer

CEO, American Advantage Home Care

Get Started with Lightning Plus Quickly

Type an instruction for the Lightning assistant to perform a task for you. It can generate a list of resources, summarize or complete a task for you or you can use a pre-created action (template) to perform a task.

Choose Your AI Engine

Simplify your laborious and repetitive tasks with Buzz Lightning™ AI. Choose your engine such as ChatGPT, CloudLink™ (and more).

Instant Answers

Get Lightning fast results and links – elevate your game by focusing on optimum patient care, and not on documentation and insurance or onboarding hassles.


Got your results, now what? Simple – just dispatch it to your colleagues, patients, family members or the Insurance companies in a flash! Buzz Communication excels in HIPAA-compliant chats, faxes, SMS/Email connectivity and even phone calls!

Skyscape® Launches Lightning™ Plus.

Skyscape®, the leader in trusted medical information and collaboration software, announces the debut of Lightning™ Plus. Learn more at our recent press release.

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