Buzz® Lightning Plus Makes its Debut with ChatGPT Integration

MARLBOROUGH, MA (April 13, 2023) – Skyscape®, the leader in trusted medical information and collaboration software, announces the debut of Lightning™ Plus. Lightning Plus delivers the vision of integrating AI within the daily workflow of healthcare providers to improve efficiencies and streamline patient care overheads. Skyscape’s Buzz® secure collaboration and patient communication digital platform offers a new versatile dashboard to enable users to interact with Skyscape’s medical library and OpenAI’s ChatGPT to provide online access to clinical and summarized answers to enhance patient case management on the go.

Lightning Plus automatically senses medically relevant information within HIPAA-compliant conversations to extract one-click access to the published and gold-standard medical library. Additionally, the user can select a customizable preset library as prompts to the extensible AI engine or the template documents to reduce laborious and repetitive tasks contributing to clinician burnout.

“The rollout of ChatGPT has created a significant buzz in AI, and we have been pleased to piggyback our AI initiatives that already implemented fast clinical answers within Buzz,” said Sandeep Shah, Founder & CEO of Skyscape. “Rightfully, there are mixed feelings about AI in ˙medicine, with the potential for errors and biased outcomes that could harm patients. We took the practical approach of ‘slaying the paper dragon’ by improving workflow efficiency and eliminating the duplication of tasks.”   

Earlier this year, Skyscape announced the public launch of Buzz, following a novel approach of ‘client-sourcing’ the innovation. Similarly, Lightning Plus has been deployed across several clients pre-launch and incorporates numerous client-requested enhancements for a highly validated and scalable launch.

Dr. Cleamon Moorer, CEO of American Advantage Home Care in Michigan, is an early adopter of Lightning Plus. “Our team already welcomed the power and efficiency offered by the Buzz platform,” he added. “With the addition of Lightning Plus, we are enthused by the seamless integration that Skyscape has launched. We can serve our patients significantly without overloading our staff members with this capability.”

Based on the early feedback and a potential concern for adding more burden of vetting answers on every invocation, Skyscape incorporated a feature to enable quick saving of document templates. Buzz users can easily create print-ready documents and send them to the intended audience through Buzz’s HIPAA-compliant channels, such as chat, fax, or secure BuzzLink communication with patients or families.   

Buzz is available on all popular platforms, including iPhone and Android devices. Healthcare executives and staff have played a role in contributing to Buzz’s exceptional ability to handle collaboration and continuous case management by combining messaging, virtual phone with caller-ID, fax, SMS, telehealth video, and document collaboration with e-signatures within a single, unified environment.

The Buzz team helps healthcare organizations reimagine their workflows and create a customizable communications experience with easy onboarding and integration into existing infrastructure and EHR systems. 

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About Skyscape
Skyscape® is a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions. Buzz®, the unified communication and collaboration platform designed by the Skyscape team, empowers healthcare teams to facilitate streamlined continuous case management in a HIPAA-secure environment. Buzz combines the power of document sharing and e-signatures, Skyscape’s trusted 400+ volume clinical library, and communication channels including texts, dictation, private calls, audio, images, reports, and video sharing. For more than 20 years, Skyscape has delivered trusted decision-support content by specialty to more than one million medical professionals and students at the point of care and in the classroom.


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