As part of the 21st Century Cures Act, healthcare organizations must now provide patients access to their health records in an electronic format. What does this mean for patients and providers? At Skyscape, we are solving some of the challenges of how to effectively communicate between care providers as well as patients across the silos and welcome these new patient-friendly rules. This is the first step in the right direction to put the new regulation into practice effectively.

This is a very important crossroads in the patient information privacy and transparency forum; open, regulated communication is important for patients to make better-informed healthcare decisions. 

The new rules are patient-friendly initiatives that will be helpful for those who want to take charge of their health matters. In some ways, this flexibility is already available through patient portals that many mainstream EHR systems already utilize, but the process can be trying, especially if multiple providers utilize separate EHR systems. 

Data aggregation will be the key for a successful initiative. There are many qualified EHR systems with unique portals and workflows, but no universal system or “home base” for aggregation. That leads to a delivery issue (are paper records the answer, or an online cloud?) and privacy and security concerns. 

The biggest challenge is to create a smart ‘pipe’ for accessing data from different systems as well as disseminating securely across various networks of care providers. Even with a regulation mandate, it will be difficult to maintain a centralized repository to extend patient data across their lifetimes. 

Accessibility and privacy are concerns with existing systems, but there is an opportunity for providers and record systems to take a collaborative approach to patient data sharing.  

We believe in transparency in patient communications, and Skyscape’s Buzz platform combines the power of document sharing and e-signatures, Skyscape’s clinical library, and instant messaging in a fully customizable, HIPAA-secure platform, to make that patient care coordination simpler. 

Buzz is simple and intuitive, with powerful features to reduce overheads and duplication, supporting patient privacy through HIPAA compliance. It offers real-time communication and collaboration, combining the power of instant messaging, integrated phone, fax & video capability, and document sharing with editing and e-Signature capability and contextual access to Skyscape’s trusted clinical library. These powerful features – and many more – are offered in a single customizable HIPAA-secure environment to reduce administrative burden and improve business outcomes. 

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