Earlier today, a colleague informed me that one of our Skyscape team members (who is now happily retired) was celebrating his 70th birthday! I suddenly remembered that he had his 50th birthday in one of our older offices in Hudson! I also had an epiphany that many Skyscape team members have been around us for over 20 years!

And serendipitously, while looking for some passport photos (boring) on my hard disk archive, I found a perfect image (exciting) from those days at 131 Coolidge Street in Hudson, MA!




Skyscape Family

I got a word from a colleague that one of our Skyscape team members (who is now happily retired) was celebrating his 70th birthday…

Early days at Skyscape in 2002

Skyscape Team – 20 Years ago (in 2002)

From left to right – Ashok Mayya, Zack B, Santhosh Kumaraswamy, Erica Joyce-King, Peter, Kartik Shah, Sue McKeen, David Buckle, Sandeep Shah, Kristin Snowdon-Smith, Jaap Vermeulen, Jeanne Jette, Kelli Bravo, Uday, Doug Reid, Jennifer, Cotty Reid, Intern Prashant Murthy, Michael Katz

This was a blast from the past and definitely a moment to feel proud about our Skyscape family, history, culture and values!  It certainly made my day!

On a separate note, and as life approaches some new ‘normal,’ remote working is here to stay. Our team enjoys the time saved on commutes and getting their work done effectively, in addition to focusing on their families and other extracurricular activities. Even before Covid, it has always been a core idea for all of us at Skyscape. We have believed in consciously keeping the boundaries between work and life blurred.  Everyone enjoys the flexibility to manage their work-life balance.  At the end of the day, that’s the definition of ‘Work hard, Play hard’.

We tend to also throw around the details of our personal activities, family travels and other activities through Buzz on a group specially dedicated for this purpose.  It definitely helps to shorten our ‘remoteness’.   We exchanged a few nostalgic moments about this photo and enjoyed the time as if we were all in the same office together.

OK, let me get back to work!

* The birthday boy is in the photograph that was taken 20-years ago, when he celebrated his 50th birthday!