Taking a board exam is tough work. It requires stamina, dedication, and an incredible amount of knowledge that you need to recall at a moment’s notice. Just reading about the board exam requirements is enough to make even the most devoted student quiver in academic fear. But, fear not; with the right studying techniques you can prepare for and ace the big test. 

Studying Techniques To Help You Thrive

With the help of a mobile testing application, you can use the following studying techniques to help you pass your board exams with flying colors. 

Start studying early. — A board exam is not something that you should “cram for” the night before. Instead, you should begin studying for it at least three months in advance. You should also ramp-up your studying efforts in the weeks leading up to the exam.

Make a schedule and stick to it. — Select a small number of questions to answer on a daily basis. From Monday through Saturday you should answer your daily allotted number of questions. On Sunday, you should answer every question from the week. Mark the questions that you get wrong so that you can review and understand the correct answer. 

Hone in on your weak areas. — Speaking of reviewing the questions that you get wrong on your practice questions, you should spend some time honing in on your weak areas. Once again, this is where a mobile testing app can help you to study more effectively through filters that will bookmark difficult questions for closer review, flag areas that need improvement, and populate repeat questions on challenging concepts. 

Practice makes perfect. — Don’t avoid the challenging concepts. Instead, you should pace yourself when studying for a long term exam. What does this mean? It means that you should chip away at the challenging concepts bit-by-bit so that they become easier to understand. If you tackle the hard concepts head-on, then you will be able to turn your weaknesses into a strengths. 

Make the final four weeks count. — You should start studying for a large exam at least three months in advance; however, you need to make sure that you don’t burn out in the final four weeks. Instead, the last four weeks should have a slightly different schedule that gives your brain and body a chance to recuperate, while still retaining focus. Plan on taking numerous practice exams in each of the final four weeks. These practice exams should highlight the final areas that you need to brush up on before the big exam; they should also simulate real test taking scenarios so that you can learn to better manage your stress levels. In the ideal world, you will pass each of the practice exams; but if you don’t, don’t panic. Instead, go back to carefully review the questions that you answered incorrectly, so that you can correct your mistakes before the big day. 

The Bottom Line: Early Preparation Is Key To Board Exam Success
If you want to pass your board exams, then you need to begin studying at least 12 weeks ahead of the exam. Create a schedule, overcome your areas of weakness, practice until your scores are perfect, and make the final four weeks count. Through these studying techniques, you can greatly improve your chances of acing your board exams.