With HIPAA complaints rising – up 25% according to a recent census – the government is under pressure to step up protections and enforcement. Additionally, in light of increasing cybersecurity threats and reproductive health information concerns within the Biden administration, it’s more important than ever that agencies are prepared for looming HIPAA updates and compliance.

Skyscape has been leading the charge in providing mobile products for medical professionals for decades, preceding the enactment of the HIPAA rule in 1996. We recently put together a case study that underscores how utilizing a HIPAA-secure platform like Buzz benefits home health agencies. The case study also addresses how Buzz’s many other communication and collaboration features streamline and improve workflow but today I’d like to highlight the importance of HIPAA compliance.

In the past few years, with the rise of telemedicine and the strain on the healthcare system overall, it is clear that safeguarding patient information is not being prioritized. We understand that administrators and their teams are often doing their best, given their limited resources. Additionally, a solution designed just for compliance is often not embraced by the overworked staff members.

With Buzz, we designed HIPAA compliance as a foundation of a much larger collaboration initiative. So all information and communication are seamlessly exchanged while being secure. The staff loves it because it makes them efficient and less hassled by the repetitive tasks. It really can be that simple when you have the right technology platform and partner. 

It’s not every day that an auditor for a state health department praises a technology solution. Visiting with Higher Standards Home Health, a Buzz Test Kitchen participant, this auditor remarked that “All agencies need to use a platform like Buzz. Sharing patient information via text messaging or email is not only a violation of patient trust, it’s an act that puts your license at risk.”

#HIPAA compliance should be the norm. We look forward to the day when all patient information is safeguarded and accessible in real time, like it is within Buzz. It is among the many reasons we are so optimistic about our platform’s market acceptance and adoption. 

We were thrilled to learn that Buzz helped Higher Standards to secure their first zero-deficiency designation in their state/ federal survey. From the time they deployed Buzz, they haven’t looked back. Today, Buzz is an essential part of their operation and is the first thing they teach new hires.

We are excited about the Higher Standards’ continued growth – expected to be over 70% this year. With the public launch, we are translating similar benefits for other agencies, with a bonus of employee satisfaction and smooth audit processes, into the future.