Home health care providers are increasingly turning to technology solutions to solve a variety of challenges. Higher Standards Home Health, a Dallas-based home health agency, is one such provider. They offer nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy in the home setting. To further live up to their name, they have implemented a mobile communication platform to improve their clinical environment and make things easier on staff. Prior to this, communication was done through text messaging, hard copies, fax, and email, none of which were HIPAA compliant.

In 2021, Higher Standards Home Health implemented Skyscape’s Buzz platform, a HIPAA-compliant communication solution that allows for greater collaboration between staff, patients, physicians, and family members. This has resulted in improved patient outcomes, reduced hospitalizations, and an increase in patient census. Ultimately, the company believes that tackling communication and embracing a technology platform has given them a competitive edge against their peers.

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