“We’ve been able to cut our rehospitalization rate in more than half.”
– Joshua Simpson

In this webinar, we’ll discuss tools and strategies you can use to drastically reduce rehospitalizations, increase Medicare ratings, and improve HCAHPS scores, as well as some tips on how to leverage modern telehealth tools in the age of COVID-19 to better serve patients and your bottom line.

Summit Home Health & Hospice’s VP of Clinical Operations, Joshua Simpson will discuss the challenges and opportunities of adopting HIPAA-secure medical messaging platforms, how they’ve changed how his organization operates on a daily basis, and why he thinks “everybody should be using them.”

Topics include:
– Key strategies to drive real results in decreasing rehospitalizations
– How to transform handoff procedures for the better, even with third party caregivers
– How better communication signals more compassionate care to families and patients
– How to pick the right platform for your organization
– Leveraging telehealth in the age of COVID-19.