During the COVID-19 public health emergency, Telehealth offers medical practices the ability to continue caring for their patients, both those with and those without COVID-19.

In order to mitigate exposure of patients who are sick or at-risk due to other conditions, as well as protect the healthcare workers and community, practices are strongly encouraged to use Telehealth whenever possible and to consider establishing protocols and procedures for use by practice staff and clinicians.  Now in a full state of emergency, many Medicare restrictions related to Telehealth have been lifted.  

Patients can be at home, although CMS has loosened HIPAA guidelines to some degree, practitioners are still expected to use HIPAA secure platforms like Buzz Secure Medical Messenger, and work within the law’s parameters.

Although BUZZ was designed before the COVID-19 Pandemic, Skyscape has optimized the entire platform with several design elements built to address current issues and regulations. During this unprecedented emergency, the healthcare community, municipalities, and federal agencies are all grappling with new challenges. BUZZ is solving real problems and offers tangible solutions that meet today’s new healthcare reality.

BUZZ’s technology promotes organization and synchronization which are especially important during these chaotic and unchartered times. BUZZ is built so that no matter what the world brings, clinicians can focus on providing the highest quality care in the most cost effective and safe manner possible. 

Specialists and practitioners are now allowed to carry out remote consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to this summary of billing codes for specialists who provide Doc to Doc and forma Consultations.