Today’s home health healthcare workers must be totally mobile and need an easy, secure way to share documents, release forms, images and updates with colleagues, other providers and sometimes with patients and their family. These challenges for home health organizations and their workers are becoming a high ranking priority, with the desire to focus attention on the patients and not any logistical issues.

When most of your staff is working in the field, care delivery coordination, managing third party providers, keeping track of patients progress, and dispatching resources in real-time can be a real challenge. Especially, while maintaining patient health information secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Buzz helps Home Health and Hospice organizations work smarter and deliver better care with mobile operational functionality:

  • Secure multimedia messaging w/ integrated Telehealth
  • Document collaboration with signature capabilities, like DocuSign
  • Secure patient/provider communication
  • Unique ‘Virtual Phone’ capabilities
  • Simple, seamless integration between Buzz and other common software platforms
  • Access to Skyscape’s Medical Knowledge platform
  • Staying HIPAA-compliant
  • Providing remote access to patient records

Buzz Platform: Text, Voice & Video, Document Sharing and Care Coordination, All in one App.

Buzz, a HIPAA-compliant clinical collaboration, and mobile messaging platform that enables field staff and nurses to securely deliver and coordinate care from the office, a patient’s home, or while in transit. With easy access to the entire care delivery team and other groups by smartphone or desktop, home health and hospice staff are equipped for any clinical challenge. Seamlessly connect with referring agencies, coordinate home visits, update family members, and reach physicians for treatment questions and prescription requests.

Typical Use Cases & Workflows for Solving Challenges for Home Health Care Organizations

New Patient Admission

Enable care teams to better coordinate care by communicating with all
parties involved through real-time intake process.

Coordinate Home Visits and Care

Enable providers in the field to better coordinate home visits, eliminate
phone tag, reduce errors, and minimize delays in patient care

Wound Care Management

Send video and images along with case files through the mobile app

Transitions of Care
Coordinate patient transfers and home arrivals more efficiently with
instant access to referring facilities and home health liaisons.


Buzz is Reliable and HIPAA-Secure! Never worry about your communication again.

Set your worries aside when using Buzz. Along with its HIPAA-secure & reliable communication, it has an abundance of features to improve your teams daily efficiency. With you communication issues solved, you can focus on patients with full attention.