Imagine the difficulty of facing the following scenario: you have a beloved family member suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who needs skilled home health services after a total hip replacement… 

This is exactly what happened to Christina (Tina) Wise-Orlowski and Marcus Orlowski in 2009. 

The Orlowski family was unable to find a skilled home healthcare company that was able to provide adequate care and compassion that met their high standards. Because of this, they set out to build a new home health agency with a unique, patient-centered approach, rooted in their commitment to deliver the kind of compassionate and expert care they would want for their own family members.

From an initial team of 4 employees to many dozens now, Higher Standards Home Health has grown fast while maintaining its core values in part thanks to efforts to support its team through a successful partnership with Skyscape. A Buzz Test Kitchen partner over the last two years, Higher Standards knew exactly what they needed from a technology partner and had previously been disappointed by a competitor’s product. 

At every level, Higher Standards uses Buzz to foster warmth, community, and care not just to patients, but to staff as well. And the strategy is paying off. Since implementing Buzz, the group has grown 58%. They anticipate a further 71% in the coming year. 

A happy, supportive clinical environment is vital to attracting talent in an industry where many groups struggle to just maintain staffing levels. They are an excellent example of how improved communications and workflow can meaningfully impact staff satisfaction. 

Higher Standards has kindly provided us with 6 lessons learned from adopting Buzz for their operations. This case study should serve as a guide to other healthcare organizations that are seeking to address similar pain points to achieve better outcomes.

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